When you pay attention and concentrate, you learn better and faster. That’s why we do exercises to improve those skills at our education center. It helps you pay better attention in class, finish homework faster, and do better on tests.

Being creative helps your brain grow and develop. That’s why we do activities that let you express your creativity at our education center. It’s important because it helps you think outside the box and come up with new ideas, plus it’s a lot of fun and reduces stress.

Using your imagination and visualization skills helps you solve problems and come up with new ideas. That’s why we do activities that encourage these skills at our education center. It helps you think creatively, develop empathy, and understand complex ideas more easily.

Spatial orientation is understanding where things are in relation to each other. At our education center, we do activities to help you develop this skill. By practicing spatial orientation, you’ll be able to understand and visualize information more easily, and navigate through the world with more confidence.


Analytical ability is the skill of breaking down complex problems into smaller, more manageable parts. At our education center, we do activities that help you develop this skill, such as solving puzzles and doing math problems. By practicing analytical ability, you’ll be able to think critically, make better decisions, and solve problems more effectively.

Listening is an important skill that helps you understand others better, learn more, and communicate more effectively. At our education center, we do activities that help your child develop your listening capacity. By practicing listening capacity, you’ll be able to understand others better, learn more effectively, and communicate more clearly.

Photographic memory is the ability to recall visual information in great detail. At our education center, we do activities that help you develop this skill, such as playing memory games and practicing visualization. By practicing photographic memory, you’ll be able to remember visual details more accurately, which can be helpful in academics, athletics, and art.

Observation abilities are the skill of paying attention to your surroundings and noticing details. At our education center, we do activities that help you develop this skill, such as playing observation games and doing nature walks. By practicing observation abilities, you’ll be able to learn more, solve problems more effectively, and appreciate the beauty in your surroundings.

The key to Your

Child's Success

In ALOHA, we created a Super School to develop children’s full potential by equipping them with the necessary tools to succeed.

Aloha Ireland
Aloha Ireland | Mental Maths


 are thoughtfully designed and structured to achieve two key objectives: motivating students and fostering skill development through an engaging didactic methodology where games play a vital role. By creating a dynamic and stimulating learning environment, we inspire students to actively participate and embrace the educational process. Integrating carefully selected games into our approach not only adds an element of fun but also cultivates critical thinking, problem-solving, and teamwork, empowering students to develop their skills holistically and with enthusiasm.

FUN MATHS Turn Mental Arithmetic
Calculations into a Game of
Beads using the abacus
BRAIN GAMES Entertaining activities with a pedagogical foundation to enjoy learning. MENTAL CHALLENGES The best training to test the logical thinking and the analytical skills. SPECIAL MISSIONS And when least expected... your child will face thrilling challenges which will bring out the best in him.

Make Maths a child's play!

THE ABBACUS Turns Maths into a Game

ALOHA Mental Arithmetic unlocks a remarkable superpower: calculation skills. At the core of this training lies the powerful tool of the abacus. Through the art of playing with beads, children dive into a world of numerical exploration. Their fingers dance across the abacus, effortlessly engaging with numbers and embracing the fascinating realm of mathematics.

By immersing themselves in this tactile experience, children effortlessly grasp fundamental mathematical concepts. Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, powers, square roots, and more become intuitive as they “touch” and manipulate numbers with their very fingertips. The abacus transforms learning into an enjoyable journey, making mathematical concepts more accessible and engaging.

And little by little… arrives the


Eventually, the students stop using the physical abacus and begin to calculate mentally. How? By imagining the abacus in their minds and moving the beads mentally. Thanks to that, they greatly develop their mental agility, they improve their concentration, they train their memory…

Did you know that there are people around you with


Aloha Ireland Super John

There is a distinct possibility that someone close to you has extraordinary skills: they are characterized by being between 5 and 13 years old and calling you mom, dad, or teacher.

The ALOHA classes are fun-filled sessions designed to boost skills through the use of the ABACUS– also known as benefits. These superpowers are Concentration, Photographic Memory, Listening Skills, Creativity, Spatial Orientation, Analytical Abilities, and Imagination.

In ALOHA, we created a Super School to develop their full potential by equipping them with the necessary tools to succeed.

Your students will enjoy


A friendly and amusing environment has been created to promote children’s self-confidence and maximise their skills. Check the enrolment page to see if ALOHA Mental Arithmetic is present in or close to your location. 

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Aloha Mental Arithmetic Ireland is a company that provides education for children in areas such as logical thinking, computing ability, photographic memory, concentration, spatial orientation, and more.

Aloha Mental Arithmetic Ireland’s programs are designed for children between the ages of 4 and 13 years old.

The programme is divided in Levels (Terms). We run two Terms per year, one from September – January, and second from February to June. Depending in what itinerary your child is, the full ALOAHA programme is 8 or 10 levels/terms. 

Aloha Mental Arithmetic Ireland uses an abacus-based teaching method that involves visualization and spatial reasoning. The program helps children develop their mathematical skills and promotes mental agility.

The Aloha Mental Arithmetic Ireland curriculum covers mental arithmetic, memory techniques, critical thinking, problem-solving, and more. The company’s programme aims to develop a child’s overall cognitive abilities and mental capacity.

Aloha Mental Arithmetic Ireland uses a variety of memory techniques such as association, visualization, and repetition. These techniques help children improve their memory and recall abilities.

Yes, Aloha Mental Arithmetic Ireland’s programs include exercises and activities that help children develop their concentration and focus. The program aims to enhance a child’s ability to concentrate and stay focused on tasks.

Yes, Aloha Mental Arithmetic Ireland’s programme is available online. The company offers both online and in-person classes to cater to the needs of different children and families.

To enroll your child in Aloha Mental Arithmetic Ireland’s programme, you can simply click the enroll now button in the top of the page . You can also contact us directly via phone or email for more information or use the calendly booking arrange a meeting with one of our instructors.

Enrolling your child in Aloha Mental Arithmetic Ireland’s programme can help improve their cognitive abilities, enhance their mathematical skills, boost their memory and recall abilities, develop their concentration and focus, and much more. Additionally, the programme provides a fun and engaging learning experience for children.