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ALOHA classes are fun and interactive with abacus calculations, mental arithmetic, games, speed writing, dictations, flashcards and group exercises. Every aspect of the class has been specifically designed to promote brain development. Classes run for two consecutive hours per week and children receive 10-15 minutes of practice for home each day. ALOHA Vacation School is instructor-led and delivered to small groups with a maximum of 8 children per class. It offers  interactive group and individual learning focused around the development of ALOHA’s 8-lifetime benefits:

Analytical Ability 

Listening Skills


Attention and Concentration 

Photographic Memory 

Spatial Orientation


Observation Skills


ALOHA Vacation School (AVS)


All the payments to be made online only and there are 2 payment options available:

  1. Full Payment – 315€ by card
  2. Installments – 3 x 105€ by card. The first installment will be debited the following day of Registration, and the remaining 2 will be debited on the same date for the next 2 consecutive months. Example: If you register on the 28th of April, the first installment will be debited on the 29th of April, and the other 2 remaining installments as follow:  29th of May and 29th of June.


Please note that by registering to ALOHA Mental Arithmetic classes you are committing to the full term and there is a NO REFUNDS Policy. Late registrations will pay the same amount + 50€ late registration fee. All registrations made after the closing date on the 12th of May 2021 don’t qualify for the installments payment option


Tots  Age 5-8 years   ~ Every Tuesday 3:30pm – 5.20pm

Kids Age 9-13 years ~ Every Tuesday 5:30pm – 7.20pm


13 weekly 2 hour lessons each Tuesday throughout May, June, July and August

Delivered online by our qualified and experienced ALOHA instructors

Daily exercises and activities allocated for each day at home (15-20 minutes of daily practice)

Customised learning material including workbooks, abacus, t-shirt, backpack and pencil delivered by post

An interactive lesson with games, speed tests, flashcards, abacus calculations, mental arithmetic, puzzles, group challenges and more.

An end of programme assessment and certificate of achievement

Opportunities for further progression from September

10% Sibling Discount


A sibling discount of 10% is available to all siblings of the first full-paying child.

The discount is automatically added and all children must be registered at the same time to avail of this discount.

The discount equates to a €31.50 discount on the full term or

€10.50 per month (3 installments).


Your child can achieve whatever


Aloha Ireland

In ALOHA, we are sure about it and that is why we want to help them achieve their goals, by developing their full potential and endowing them with the necessary tools to face the future challenges.